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Our educational programs are designed to inspire and empower young, middle-aged, and older children to foster a deep connection with the plant world, the Amazon and its indigenous communities. We use storytelling, songs, visual content and live events to connect children in the United States with children in the Amazon through creative projects that awaken a deep connection to the mother of all forests and build environmental leadership skills. Our programs teach children and high school students to take daily actions that have a positive influence on their health, combat deforestation, protect the health of the Rainforest, its indigenous communities, the animals, and the planet at large, thus, teaching them we are all One Health.


As of now, Mothers of the Amazon are introducing their program in 2 schools in the United States, 1 in France reaching out to 13514 students. 


One of our Amazon-focused, short program for high school students has been taught at CALP (Climate Action Leadership Program), an environmental leadership program part of the Las Virgenes Unified School District in California. The program was created by one of our mothers, Victoria Scott, a professor, and sustainability practitioner. Our short program was designed to encourage the CALP students to choose the protection of the Amazon as their main action during this program. 







“The plant People“: is a children's book for children (age 4 to 8). It tells the story of the plant people who live deep in the rainforest and guard and protect the forest with the help of their friends the boa and the parrot. This book intends to foster a deep connection with the forest and its defenders and teach young children about the importance of protecting the forest, the healing and magical properties of plants and the concept that we are all One Health. The book will be printed in 4 languages including Portuguese, English and French. It will be introduced by our global network of mothers in the classrooms, school libraries and distributed in bookstores in the United States, Brazil and France.




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