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Our Team

Mothers of the Amazon Network:

Bane Saleh: Founder and Director @ Mothers of the Amazon - Environmental Strategist - Architect -

Plant & Health Researcher

Victoria Charles: Professor & Sustainability Practitioner -

Zero Waste Specialist

Daniela Grozdich: Architect

Adria L. Dunn: Fundraising Strategist 

Laura Foka Djuikam: Population & Development

Sabine Hazan: Gastroenterology - Hepatology - Internal Medicine

Francoise Ghorayeb: Humanitarian Data Adviser

Karine Fakhoury: Reforestation specialist & Permaculture Practitioner

Soo Hyun Chung: Administration

 Lauren Landau: Artisanal Fashion  

Liz Bee: Interpreter

Vanessa Ehrlich: Permaculture Educator

Claudia Udi: Early Childhood Educator

Marion Poussier: Childhood Educator

Claudia Masoni : Lawyer (specialized in Indigenous rights)

Jenn McCall: Editor 

Rani Messias: Filmmaker

 Nadine Touma: Children’s Book Designer 

Sevine Ariss: Children’s Book Designer 

Anne Marie Ashkar: Illustrator

Fathers of the Amazon Network:

Andrew Beath: Project Advisor - Founder & director of Earthways Foundation - Board Member of Amazon Watch since 1997 - Founder & Board President of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), & Author of Conscious Activism.

Aleksey Klempner: Development Strategist

Marwan Saleh: Designer and Strategist

Haidar Ali: Reforestation Specialist

Charles Trapolin: Treasurer

Ricardo Moebus: Scientist - Water Specialist-Advisor

Manuel Garcia: Medical Doctor

Lucas Carvalho: Integrative Therapist - Interpreter

Miles Jay: Music Producer

Taylor Cahill: IT

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