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Emergency Relief Fund

During this season, we are reminded to help the ones in need. We are reaching out to you during this time of so much collective grieving and struggle. Many communities across the globe are suffering and need help with basic needs. Today, our families in the forest are going through very difficult challenges and have reached for urgent support. This summer, a historical drought brought many fires, rivers drying up and the loss of access to clean water for many Indigenous communities in the Amazon. Torrential rain has now arrived and is flooding many communities we support, leading to a health and sanitary crisis. These rains have brought epidemics of multiple mosquito borne illnesses and the destruction of annual crops, leaving entire villages sick with no access to food (including fishing and hunting) and medical aid.

We’re hoping that we can come together and support our dear families in the rainforest so we can provide them with food, fuel and medical aid. We have already sent aid to feed and care for 34 families for a month in one village. We are aiming to bring immediate support to an additional 5 villages that are suffering from severe floods, loss of annual crops and illness, totaling to over a thousand Huni Kuin mothers, children and youth..


Your support will help alleviate the daily struggle of these Indigenous communities during this holiday season. A donation of $71 can help feed and care for a family of 5 people for a week and a donation of $284 can help with food, fuel, and medical aid for a month.


Your support is greatly appreciated and very much needed at this moment. All donations are tax deductible.

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