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Our Mission

Mothers of the Amazon is a global network of mothers protecting the Amazon Rainforest and the health of its indigenous communities through restorative community projects.

Our mission: Be a voice for the Amazon Rainforest and support the ones who defend it. At Mothers of the Amazon, we support indigenous communities through restorative community  projects that aim to improve population health, restore the health of the environment, and create cultural and environmental sustainability. We respond to the specific needs, challenges,  and diseases that local communities are facing by co-creating sustainable zero waste to low impact, low tech, and low cost solutions that honor indigenous traditions.


Along with restorative community projects in the Amazon, Mothers of the Amazon, through our global network of mothers, introduces in public and private schools educational materials that foster a deep connection with the forest and its communities. Our educational programs teach children of all ages to take daily actions that have a positive and protective influence on their health, the health of the rain forest and it’s indigenous communities, and the planet at large.

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At Mothers of the Amazon, we believe that it is crucial to respond to the call of our children who protested last year all around the world demanding climate justice and we recognize that the most effective action towards climate defense is Rainforest defense. As of today, indigenous communities who represent only 5% of the world’s population are at the forefront of the defense of our Rainforests, protecting 82% of the world’s biodiversity. The Amazon is the largest Rainforest on the planet representing 60% of the world’s Rainforests. To protect nature is to protect indigenous people.

The Amazon is home to over 400 vibrant, indigenous cultures and millions of plants and animal species, making it one of the most bio-diverse places on earth. It is the pharmacy of the world and holds the cure for many future diseases. Its rainfall and rivers feed most of South America and influence rainfall patterns as far as the United States and Central America, accounting for 20% of the world's fresh waters. The Amazon also produces 20% of our oxygen and is responsible for the absorption of a considerable amount of our yearly CO2 emissions. The deforestation and exploitation of the Amazon are rising at extreme rates, having a direct and major impact on the global climate crisis. It is now, more than ever, vital for the survival of our children to support and ensure the safety of indigenous communities so they can continue to defend and guard our natural world. 

The deforestation and industrialization of the Amazon are not only increasing and accelerating global warming, destroying our biodiversity, and our capacity to heal ourselves in the future, but it is also impacting the health of indigenous communities who are contracting new diseases. These diseases are similar across the Amazon and are mostly due to the contamination of the environment by years of farming, mining, and oil extracting that have polluted the water, soil, and the air, among other factors.

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